The most critical differentiator between NEO Connect and its counterparts is simple – while they are working on paper with the theoretical – NEO Connect applies our real-world business experience operating our own broadband networks to your efforts.

While NEO Connect does follow a proven process, each step is uniquely crafted to your initiative and along the way we look for ways to expand our offerings to make sure your network is a successful endeavor.  Throughout our process we not only apply our critical thinking and entrepreneurial know-how, but also our knowledge of new technologies and industry trends.


We start the “master planning” approach by speaking with stakeholders and gathering information on the community, its key attributes, its key stakeholders, existing services and service providers. We conduct on-the-ground meetings and uncover assets and opportunities others would not think to look for. By identifying assets and partners we’re able to increase network feasibility and save millions of dollars.

Financial Planning

NEO Connect’s team is able to uncover the financial challenges and help you overcome them, be it by negotiating with asset owners, finding in-kind donations, or uncovering grants and funding sources.

Understand the Landscape

NEO Connect surveys households, businesses, and organizations to understand the current state of broadband within a community and the demand for services. During this data collection process NEO Connect uncovers not only the gaps in coverage but also the areas where challenges are most significant and demand is highest.

Delivering a Bank-Ready Plan

Throughout the feasibility process, every possibility is examined through the eyes of our entrepreneurs. There are no one-size-fits-all models and a theoretical plan has never secured funding. By applying our real-world experience with your unique needs, demands, and opportunities, NEO Connect delivers a business plan that is “bank ready” to secure funding.

Go-Forward Momentum

NEO Connect will indeed provide you with options and business plans to move forward. Our hands-on experience delivers the most thorough in broadband planning, design, engineering and strategic business planning. But even more significantly, NEO Connect provides your initiative with the momentum, partnerships, and paths to funding that will blur the lines between “phase one” and the next critical steps. NEO Connect goes beyond simply recommending you for a difficult to understand (and even more difficult to achieve) public/private partnership and we actually help you form these partnerships.

Strategies and Implementation

Many communities don’t have the champions or resources to manage the steps forward. It is for these clients that NEO Connect’s entrepreneurial spirit comes to bear as we van go beyond feasibility, planning, and strategy development and manage the process by forming and negotiating partnerships, raising funding, negotiations, and project management.