For nearly ten years NEO Connect has been at the forefront of broadband initiatives, from planning to execution. With extensive experience in both the public and private sector, the NEO Connect team is able to apply real-world business sense to every type of project.

NEO Connect is a privately-held, woman-owned business and the industry leader in planning, community engagement, design/engineering, business modeling, financing, owning, and operating fiber optic, wireless and FTTH networks.

With experience in virtually every type of project, NEO Connect is able to take a pragmatic approach to finding a solution for your broadband planning endeavor. We don’t provide just one solution or a cookie-cutter approach – NEO Connect realizes that every situation, every community brings with it its own set of challenges, its own sets of assets, and its own unique goals. We craft models and business plans that will help you move forward. This includes partnerships and collaboration with stakeholders and service providers, design and engineering, operations expertise and when called upon, can even help you secure funding for your project.

Whether your project is an ambitious gigabit, fiber network or you are still finding your way, NEO Connect’s team can help you realize your broadband goals.

Working with NEO Connect you are sure to find a business savvy, sensible, pragmatic approach to moving forward with your initiatives. Even more, while our counterparts put suggestions on paper, NEO Connect moves your efforts forward by forming partnerships, uncovering opportunities, and securing funding. Rather than merely hypothesizing the “what if,” engagements with NEO Connect delivers the “what’s next.” We accelerate your progress.

You hire an advisor because you have a challenge – it is our job to develop  solutions and alternatives.