Pavlov Media

Pavlov Media


Pavlov Media is a network provider in the MDU and student housing space. They are the largest private provider of broadband services to off-campus student housing. Pavlov Media’s newest technology brings gigabit (1,000Mbps) speeds to residents.

NEO’s Scope of Work. NEO was hired to help Pavlov Media with their high-level broadband planning and strategic planning. We conducted market analysis of several markets, providing a competitive analysis, pricing and service offering. We provided financial modeling and business planning to select which specific markets to target and build network facilities. We provided design, engineering support to identify preliminary designs and estimated capital costs. We provided a bank-ready deliverable for seeking financing and construction loans, working closely with their upper management team and their Board of Directors.

The Result. Pavlov Media continues to dominate their niche of MDU and student housing. They are in the process of implementing our plans, have successfully obtained financing and are underway with their construction efforts. Pavlov Media continues to contract with NEO Connect for strategic and business planning.