It is easy for us to tell you that NEO Connect is “better” and/or “different.” Instead, we went to the source – our own clients – to ask them what sets us apart. Here are just a few quotes from our clients who we would be happy to connect you with so you can learn more.

  • “NEO Connect doesn’t just offer one model or cookie-cutter solutions. NEO Connect digs into our specific issues and is accommodating, flexible, and develops a solution using their expertise that worked for us.”

  • “NEO Connect exceeded all of our expectations by applying their business experience to the plan. They have a unique ability to combine engineering and industry expertise, academic know-how, and business experience to develop a plan to move forward. Its an ability to deliver more than a plan but move into the implementation of the plan.”

  • “A lot of firms can provide engineering. Other firms specialize in municipal projects. We hired NEO Connect because of their ability to bring business principles to the plan.”

  • “NEO Connect does an excellent job with engaging all levels of our community stakeholders, from engineers to residents.”

  • “NEO Connect’s rigorous reports don’t just provide a solution, but demonstrate that all different models have been looked at and demonstrating the best course. Our trustees loved the reports because they were not just vague ideas but really drilled down from a business perspective and give us a roadmap for this as a business.”

  • “Engaging with NEO Connect was a huge accelerator.”